Used Fishing Rods

C9067 Hardy Graphite 15ft 4in Salmon Fly RodSalmon Fly Rod150
C9089 Bruce and Walker Hexagraph Hugh Falkus Spey No 1 15ft #11 2 topsSalmon Fly Rod350
B9090 Bruce and Walker Hexagraph Hugh Falkus 15ft 4in #11Salmon Fly Rod350
A9091 Bruce and Walker Hexagraph Hugh Falkus Spey No1 15ft #11 like newSalmon Fly Rod595
D9430 Daiwa Lochmor Z 15ft #9/10 incl tube 3pcSalmon Fly Rod65
A9406 Bruce and Walker Carbon 9ft 6in #7Trout & Seatrout Rod350
C9308 Millwards Flyrover 10ft 6in #8 3pc double handerCane Rods120
C9313 Scottie Impregnated 13ft 9in "Aberdeen" Fly Rod incl tubeCane Rods195
A9451Wychwood Agitator Bait Rod 10'Spinning / Bait Rod65
C9466Bruce and Walker Expert 15'#9/11 3pcSalmon Fly Rod125
C9491Hardy Palakona Wanless Spin 7' 6lb ClassSpinning Rod175
A9494 Abu Garcia Ventur 10' 15-50g SpinSpinning Rod59
A9495Hardy HBX FWS 9'#5 4pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rod595
B9505Sharpes Scottie Impregnated dark cane finish 9'#7/8Cane Fly Rods175
C9510Bruce and Walker 15' #10/12 Hexagraph Salmon Fly Rod160
C9511Hardy Phantom Cane Rod 8'6"#6 2pcCane Fly Rod495
B9519Bernard Sealey of Redditch 9'6"#5/6Cane Fly Rods150
C9521J M McGinn "The Highlander" 14'#11 Impregnated Cane RodCane Fly Rod95
B9537Orvis Western Z Tipflex 10'#5 3pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rod145
C9539Bruce and Walker Speycaster 15'#10 3pcSalmon Fly Rod250
C9556Hardy Jet 12'6"#9Salmon Fly Rod75
C9557Hardy Fibalite Spin 8'6"Spinning Rod85
C9556Hardy Jet Salmon Fly 12'6"9Salmon Fly Rod75
C9557Hardy Fibalite Spin No 2 8'6"Spinning Rod85
C9558Hardy Fibalite Jet 9'#9Trout Fly Rod95
C9559Bruce and Walker Silver Stream 12'#6/8Salmon Fly Rod80
C9573 Hardy 8'6" the No 1 Victor Steel Centre PalakonaTrout Fly Rod 225
C9574Hardy "The Gold Medal" 13' Palakona with 2 TopsSalmon Fly Rod295
A9592Hardy Zephrus 9'6"#7 4pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rods385
B9573Hardy Palakona "The Pope"10'#7Cane Fly Rods395
C9596Bruce and Walker 14'#9/10 Powerlite 3pcSalmon Fly Rod175
C9605Greys GR60 9'#8 4pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rod95
C9606Greys GR70 9'6"#6 4pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rod110
C9607Hardy Deluxe Stillwater 10'#7/8 2pcTrout Fly Rod125
B9608Hardy LRH No 2 9'6" Spinning RodSpinning Rod275
B9611Airflo Streamtec Nan Tec 10'#5/6 4pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rod80
A9613Vision Onki 7'6"#3 4pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rod210
B9616Shakespeare Onset Dapping Rod 17'Trout Fly Rod35
C9617Shakespeare Carbo Spin 7' 30-60 g Spinning Rod30
C9642Sage European 15'1"#10 4pc incl tubeSalmon Fly Rod250
C9644Fenwick Ironfeather 9'#5 4pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rod85
B9646Shakespeare Atlantis Saltwater 9'#10 3pcSaltwater Fly Rod65
B9650Shakepeare Agility 10'#5 4pc incl tubeTrout Fly Rod35
A9652Bruce and Walker Custom 9'6"#7Trout Fly Rod195
A9653Bruce and Walker Custom 10'#7Trout Fly Rod195
C9661The J S Sharpe Scottie Impregnated 9'3" SpinSpinning Rod225
C9663Hardy "The Gold Medal" Palakona 9'#5/6 Deluxe 3pcCane Trout Fly Rod275
C9664Hardy Deluxe Classic Spey 15'#10 3pcSalmon Fly Rods120
C9665J S Sharpe Impregnated 9'#5/6Cane Fly Rod165
C9667Bruce and Walker Double Spey ltd edition no 000 15'#10 3pc with 2 topsSalmon Fly Rods999
A9669Bruce and Walker Powerlite Salmon and Sea Trout Special 10'7 8 3pcTrout Fly Rod399
C9670Hardy "The Koh-i-noor" Palakona 8'9"#7Cane Trout Fly Rod275
A9671Shimano Exage either 8' or 9' Travel Spin RodSpinning Rod89.99
C9672Greys Kielder 16'#11 3pcSalmon Fly Rod99
A9673Grand Slam Supreme 14'#10/11Salmon Fly Rod90
A9675Sharpes "The Aberdeen Scottie" Impregnated 13'#9 with 2 topsCane Salmon FlyRod225
A9676Hardy "The Wye" Palakona 12'6" Deluxe WhippingsCane Salmon Fly Rod495