Antique Hardy Perfect Fly Reels

C4407HardyPerfect 3 5/8in Early D/C/MFly Reels£450
C4635HardyPerfect 3 5/8in Mk II check + L/GFly Reels£295
C6132HardyPerfect 3 5/8in Dup mech and brass foot incl lineFly Reels£295
C6807HardyPerfect 3 3/8in with early check‚ rareFly Reels£425
C6869 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in with nickel silver L/G + B/F c1930Fly Reels375
C6990 HardyPerfect 3 1/8in D/C/M, agate F/G, B/footFly Reels499
C7050 HardyPerfect 3 8 3/8in early check, ivorine handle, 4 cuspsFly Reels500
C9045 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in reel incl 2 sp spoolsFly Reels330
C9046 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in reel with line guide circa 1970'sFly Reels230
C9106 HardyPerfect 4in RHW with line guideFly Reels895
C9108 HardyPerfect 3 1/8in reel with line guide incl spare spoolFly Reels450
C9110HardyPerfect 3 3/8in reel with line guide boxedFly Reels£200
B9113 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in reel with line guide boxedFly Reels350
C9180HardyPerfect 4 1/4in Wide Brass Faced with rod in hand logoFly Reels2250
C9182 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in Dup MK11 check in original boxFly Reels695
C9183 HardyPerfect 3 1/8in Eunich single check with 4 claspsFly Reels750
C9184 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in reel with enamel finish and alloy footFly Reels295
C9186 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in MK1 rare Eunich model with line guide circa 1917Fly Reels899
C9189 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in Wide Salmon with nickel line guideFly Reels695
A9190 HardyPerfect 4 1/4in Wide Salmon refurbished by HardyFly Reels750
C9199 HardyPerfect 3 1/4in extra wide MK11 sea trout reel very rareFly Reels495
 A9978 HardyPerfect 3 3/4in wide salmon reel with duplicated Mark II Check Mechanism together with nickel silver line guard and brass foot circa 1920's in original Hardy cardboard box superb exampleFly Reels1800
C9106 HardyPerfect 4in Fly Reel in enamel with caseFly Reels895
C9108 HardyPerfect 3 1/8in with line guide and sp spool boxedFly Reels450
C9110 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in with line guide boxedFly Reels200
B9913 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in with agate line guide + original caseFly Reels350
C9182 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in with duplicate check mechanism in original box circa 1920’2Fly Reels695
C9183HardyPerfect 3 1/8in with Eunich single check mechanism and 4 cusps with white ivorine handle circa 1917Fly Reels750
C9184 HardyPerfect 3 3/8in with alloy foot enamel finishFly Reels295
C9186HardyPerfect MKI  3 3/8in with eunich mechanism and single check & agate line guide circa 1917 with white ivorine handleFly Reels899
C9189  HardyPerfect 3 3/4in wide salmon reel with nickel line guard & Brass foot 95% of original finishFly Reels695
A9190 HardyPerfect 4 1/4in with original short brass foot fully refurbishedFly Reels750
C9199 HardyPerfect 3 1/4in extra wide duplicated MK11 sea trout reel with short original brass foot, Very rareFly Reels495
A9203 Hardy4in "The Beefy" L/H/W Limited Edition No 27 from only 50 ever made commemorate the 2013 Ashes win. Boxed, as newFly Reels1100
C9257 HardyPerfect 3 5/8in with ceramic line guide and spare spoolFly Reels350
A9280 HardyPerfect 3 5/8in R/H/W with line guardFly Reels395
C9288 Hardy3 3/4in Wide Drum Salmon Reel circa 1912 with rare compensating check Mechanism with nickel silver line guide & Brass footFly Reels1450
C9439 HardyPerfect 3 5/8in duplicated MKIIFly Reels295
C9464HardyPerfect 4" wide Enamel with line guide and caseSalmon Fly Reel795
C9502HardyPerfect 3 3/4" Duplicate MKII with ribbed brass footSalmon Fly Reel595
C9532HardyPerfect 3 1/8" enamel finish with Agate Line GuideTrout Fly Reel295
C9533HardyPerfect 3 5/8" enamel finish with line guideTrout Fly Reel195
C9571Hardy Perfect 3 3/8" in original grey enamel finishTrout Fly Reel250