Used Over and Under Shotguns

SkuSerial #MakeModelCalibreBarrelsMechSell (£)
150903/020R01301SBeretta687 Silver Pigeon V12 gauge28" Fixed ChokeOver and Under1,695.00
191125/002F47761BBeretta686 S12 gauge30" 1/4 & 1/2 70mm chamberOver and Under695.00
200919/004C96162BBeretta686 S12 gaugeOver and Under595.00
200908/003100298Bowland12 gaugeOver and Under295.00
200721/00658116Breda12 gaugeOver and Under150.00
170324/006251nm16570BrowningB125 Grade A12 gauge28" M/COver and Under999.00
180928/00158657S76BrowningB25 B2 Sporter12 gauge30" Teague Choked Over and Under2,495.00
181105/00327348 S73BrowningB25 A1 Roach Belly 15 3/4" Stock12 gauge27"1/2 Cyl & I .COver and Under1,499.00
200731/00460827NMBrowningB325 G112 gauge30" M/COver and Under850.00
201015/00218100914KOFSSceptre Black Diamond12 gaugeOver and Under425.00
200711/001157604Lanber12 gaugeOver and Under395.00
201012/00503239-99LanberSporting Delux12 gaugeOver and Under495.00
171211/002176211Laurona12 gaugeOver and Under395.00
181204/00839830NPMirokuMK 60 Grade 112 gaugeOver and Under650.00
210517/00473581ZRMirokuMK 70 Grade 112 gauge30"Over and Under1,195.00
201019/00240162PZMiroku3800 Grade 112 gaugeOver and Under795.00
200731/0054172328Parker HaleSkeet12 gaugeOver and Under495.00
190719/00274572Rizzini, B.Omnium EM Sporting12 gaugeOver and Under995.00
180730/002PK974359WinchesterPigeon Grade12 gaugeOver and Under695.00
190914/001K189586Winchester10112 gaugeOver and Under495.00
180104/001230927Zoli, Antonio & Co.Columbus12 gaugeOver and Under825.00
180730/004231709Zoli, Antonio & Co.Kronos Sport12 gaugeOver and Under1,450.00
190524/001230744Zoli, Antonio & Co.Columbus Sport12 gaugeOver and Under695.00
190524/002232316Zoli, Antonio & Co.Kronos12 gaugeOver and Under1,200.00
191011/002237264Zoli, Antonio & Co.Kronos12 gaugeOver and Under1,895.00
200615/001238303Zoli, Antonio & Co.Kronos12 gaugeOver and Under1,395.00
200903/003249627Zoli, Antonio & Co.Z Extra12 gauge30" M/COver and Under4,750.00
201016/004231811Zoli, Antonio & Co.Columbus12 gaugeOver and Under895.00
210405-00953782ZNBrowningB525 Sporter One12g30" MultichokeOver & Under1195.00
210805/00N11487BBeretta687 EELL Diamond Pigeon12g30" Fixed Choke 1/4 & 1/2Over & Under Very Tidy Straight Hand Stock Cased2995.00
200828/00176776NYBrowning B325 Grade 5B325 Grade 512g30" MultichokeOver & Under1650.00
210805/00158965NYBrowningGti Ultra Black Action Sporter12g32" MultichokeOver & Under895.00