Used Modern Reels

C8772 HardyViscount 140 3 5/8" fly reelFly Reels£75.00
C9107 FarlowsSerpent 4" Fly Reel in boxFly Reels£150.00
C9300 HardyViscount 150 ReelFly Reels£85.00
C9454AbelSuper Series #12W incl caseSalmon Fly Reel575.00
C9553HardyZenith incl sp spoolModern Fly Reels275
C9555Ryobi 455 4" Salmon Fly ReelSalmon Reel 45
C9566HardyPrince #5/6 SpoolTrout Fly Reel Spool40
C9602ShakespeareWorcestershire Model 2633 4 1/8" incl Spare SpoolSalmon Fly Reel75
C9603ShakespeareWorcestershire Model 2633 4 1/8" incl Spare SpoolSalmon Fly Reel80
C9604HardyUltralite Disc Salmon incl 3 Spare SpoolsSalmon Fly Reel295
A9683Hardy St George Jnr RHW 2 9/16" No 22Trout Fly Reel399
A9684HardyBrass Perfect 3" 125th Anniversary Edition No 21 with Leather CaseTrout Fly Reel799
A9685HardyBougle Anniversary Ltd Edition No 602 in block leather caseTrout Fly Reel499
A9686HardyBougle MK IV 3 3/3" Ltd Edition No 22 Cased and boxedTrout Fly Reel499
A9702AbelBig Game No 3N Trout Fly Reel350
B9703AbelBig Game 4.5N ReelSalmon Fly Reel495
B9708HardyMarquis No 1 Reel incl Spare SpoolSalmon Fly Reel249
C9738Sharpes"The Gordon" 3 3/4"Trout Fly Reel70
D9740HardyLRH LightweightTrout Fly Reel95
C9744HardyJLH Ultralite Salmon Ltd Edition no 298Salmon Fly Reels160
B9748OrvisHydros SLV 4 1/2" ReelSalmon Fly Reel195
B9753HardyMarquis No 1 Reel incl sp spool and linesSalmon Fly Reel275
C9772HardyMarquis No 2 Reel incl sp spool and linesSalmon Fly Reel225
C9776HardyThe Prince #5/6 Reel incl line and pouchTrout Fly Reel225
C9780HardyThe Husky 3 3/8" Wide Silent Check with sp spool and linesTrout Fly Reel275
B9783DaiwaLochmor '7/8 Reel incl lineTrout Fly Reel40
B9787Hardy Zane No 3 Reel incl lineSalmon/Saltwater Fly Reel350
C9788VisionKomaSalmon Fly Reel40
B9789Lamson ULA Force 3.5 Reel incl spoolSalmon Fly Reel395
A9791Hardy Swift #9/10 Spare Spool and lineSalmon Fly Reel Spare Spool70
A9792HardySwift 1025 MK1 Spare SpoolSalmon Fly Reel Spare Spool50
A9793HardySwift 1025 MK1 Salmon Spare SpoolSalmon Fly Reel Spare Spool40