Used Modern Reels

C8772 HardyViscount 140 3 5/8" fly reelFly Reels75
C9300 HardyViscount 150 ReelFly Reels85
C9454AbelSuper Series #12W incl caseSalmon Fly Reel575
C9555Ryobi 455 4" Salmon Fly ReelSalmon Reel 45
C9602ShakespeareWorcestershire Model 2633 4 1/8" incl Spare SpoolSalmon Fly Reel75
C9603ShakespeareWorcestershire Model 2633 4 1/8" incl Spare SpoolSalmon Fly Reel80
C9604HardyUltralite Disc Salmon incl 3 Spare SpoolsSalmon Fly Reel295
A9683Hardy St George Jnr RHW 2 9/16" No 22Trout Fly Reel399
A9685HardyBougle Anniversary Ltd Edition No 602 in block leather caseTrout Fly Reel499
A9686HardyBougle MK IV 3 3/3" Ltd Edition No 22 Cased and boxedTrout Fly Reel499
A9702AbelBig Game No 3N Trout Fly Reel350
B9703AbelBig Game 4.5N ReelSalmon Fly Reel495
B9753HardyMarquis No 1 Reel incl sp spool and linesSalmon Fly Reel275
C9780HardyThe Husky 3 3/8" Wide Silent Check with sp spool and linesTrout Fly Reel275
B9789Lamson ULA Force 3.5 Reel incl spoolSalmon Fly Reel395
B9827 GuidelineHalo #7/9 in Black StealthTrout Fly Reel175
B9829AbelSuper 12W in Coal Black incl lineSalmon Fly Reel495
A9830AbelSuper 11 in Coral BlackSalmon Fly Reel350
A9831AbelPT5 3" Trout in Platinum SilverTrout Fly Reel295
C9840HardyMarquis No 2 Reel plus 2 Spare Spools incl lines225
C9855Greys GRX GRX #7/8 Reel incl 6 sp spools with linesTrout Fly Reel55
C9856GreysGRX #7/8 Reel incl 6 sp spools and linesTrout Fly Reel55
A9861LoopOpti Strike 4 1/2" ReelSalmon Fly Reel350