Used Modern Reels

C8771 Intrepid3 5/8" fly reel incl spare spoolFly Reel£10.00
A9304 David Norwich2 15/16" one of only 21 ever made by Jim Ryall of the USAFly Reel£395.00
C4314 HardyUniqua 3⅜" Trout Reel with Brass FootFly Reels£125.00
C6370 HardyThe Triumph 3 1/4" spitfire finishFly Reels£325.00
C6696 HardyUniqua 3⅜" Reel MKII with Single Check MechFly Reels£195.00
C6701 HardyUniqua 3⅜" Reel with Dup MKII Mech 90% Finish RemainingFly Reels£250.00
C7260 HardyUniqua 3⅛" Reel with Dup Mech and Horse Shoe LatchFly Reels£165.00
C7560 HardyUniqua 3⅜" Reel with Early Caliper Check + Ivorine Handle Fly Reels£395.00
C7588 HardyThe Gem 3 1/4" fly reelFly Reels£95.00
C7791 HardySt George 3 3/8" Reel with Line GuardFly Reels£225.00
C8772 HardyViscount 140 3 5/8" fly reelFly Reels£75.00
C9107 FarlowsSerpent 4" Fly Reel in boxFly Reels£150.00
C9109 HardyUniqua 4" salmon fly reel with original boxFly Reels£200.00
D9137 HardyViscount 130 3 1/4" + 2 sp spoolsFly Reels£75.00
C9300 HardyViscount 150 ReelFly Reels£85.00
C9301 HardyViscount 150 ReelFly Reels£85.00
C9323 HardySt George 3 3/4" incl 2 sp spoolsFly Reels£195.00
C9453LoopEvotec #9/13 (made by daneiellson Sweden) Reel incl caseSalmon Fly Reel295.00
C9454AbelSuper Series #12W incl caseSalmon Fly Reel575.00
C9480HardyMarquis No 2 Reel incl Sp Spool "Made in England"Salmon Fly Reel275
C9484ShakespeareBeaulite 4 1/4" Salmon Reel incl sp spoolSalmon Fly Reel35.00
C9497 HardyDemon 9000 # 9/10/11 Reel incl 2 sp spoolsSalmon Fly Reel225.00
C9503HardySt Aidan Reel incl Sp SpoolTrout Fly Reel150.00
C99513HardyHardy Marquis No 3 Reel incl sp spool and casesSalmon Fly Reel250
C9525HardyMarquis No 10 Reel incl Spare spool and linesTrout Fly Reel148
C9535ShakespeareBeaulite 3 1/2" Wide Trout Reel incl spool and linesTrout Fly Reel25