Used Modern Reels

C8771 Intrepid3 5/8" fly reel incl spare spoolFly Reel£10.00
A9304 David Norwich2 15/16" one of only 21 ever made by Jim Ryall of the USAFly Reel£395.00
C4314 HardyUniqua 3⅜" Trout Reel with Brass FootFly Reels£125.00
C6370 HardyThe Triumph 3 1/4" spitfire finishFly Reels£325.00
C6696 HardyUniqua 3⅜" Reel MKII with Single Check MechFly Reels£195.00
C6701 HardyUniqua 3⅜" Reel with Dup MKII Mech 90% Finish RemainingFly Reels£250.00
C7260 HardyUniqua 3⅛" Reel with Dup Mech and Horse Shoe LatchFly Reels£165.00
C7560 HardyUniqua 3⅜" Reel with Early Caliper Check + Ivorine Handle Fly Reels£395.00
C7588 HardyThe Gem 3 1/4" fly reelFly Reels£95.00
C7791 HardySt George 3 3/8" Reel with Line GuardFly Reels£225.00
C8772 HardyViscount 140 3 5/8" fly reelFly Reels£75.00
C9107 FarlowsSerpent 4" Fly Reel in boxFly Reels£150.00
C9109 HardyUniqua 4" salmon fly reel with original boxFly Reels£200.00
D9137 HardyViscount 130 3 1/4" + 2 sp spoolsFly Reels£75.00
C9300 HardyViscount 150 ReelFly Reels£85.00
C9301 HardyViscount 150 ReelFly Reels£85.00
C9323 HardySt George 3 3/4" incl 2 sp spoolsFly Reels£195.00
C9453LoopEvotec #9/13 (made by daneiellson Sweden) Reel incl caseSalmon Fly Reel295.00
C9454AbelSuper Series #12W incl caseSalmon Fly Reel575.00
C9480HardyMarquis No 2 Reel incl Sp Spool "Made in England"Salmon Fly Reel275
C9484ShakespeareBeaulite 4 1/4" Salmon Reel incl sp spoolSalmon Fly Reel35.00
C99513HardyHardy Marquis No 3 Reel incl sp spool and casesSalmon Fly Reel250
C9525HardyMarquis No 10 Reel incl Spare spool and linesTrout Fly Reel148
C9553HardyZenith incl sp spoolModern Fly Reels275
C9554HardyMarquis No1 Reel Silver spool incl caseModern Fly Reels145
C9555Ryobi 455 4" Salmon Fly ReelSalmon Reel 45
C9547HardyMarquis No 2 Reel incl Rio Scandi O/bound LineSalmon Fly Reel220
C9548Loop Evotec L/W 8/11Salmon Fly Reel285.00
C9554HardyMarquis No 1 Reel incl caseSalmon Fly Reel145
C9555Ryobi455 4" Salmon incl sp spoolSalmon Fly Reel45
C9566HardyUltralite CADD 10000 #10/12 Reel boxed incl lineSalmon Fly Reel275
C9566HardyPrince #5/6 SpoolTrout Fly Reel Spool40